Welcome our guest speaker Priscilla Barroso from Dallas!

Priscilla is a founder and creator of the brand Crowned Bird since Fall 2012 and has already been very successful in the fashion industry.

She was born in a large family as a first generation Turkish/Panameña. Inheriting a love for fashion, travel, and forgotten novelties, Priscilla got a scholarship to study fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco. She became the master of multi-tasking, working hard as a freelance stylist for Levi Strauss & Co, most pronounced bespoke tailor for Al’s Attire in San Francisco, and partnering in an organic and sustainable dog apparel line while attending school.

Literally from head-to-toe, she has been involved of every aspect of production. She became known for her craft specializing in oddities of handmade hats, shoes, suits, and Victorian wedding gowns. Experiences in the industry lead to catching her ‘Big Fish’ with eclectic designs contributing to the rise in independent American fashion. Her valuable knowledge and reference to styling, history, and functionality came from working hard as a woman in a man’s world.

Priscilla has proudly tailored the best of San Francisco and beyond, assisting in producing private labels for Japanese brands such as BEAMS and UNITED ARROWS, as well as dressing musicians, from Indies Two Gallants, to icons such as Carlos Santana and Tom Waits himself.

Now, with the wisdom gained from a fortunate tailoring experience, Priscilla treads a lifelong ambition to unravel traditional garment making through colorful and inspired expression.

About her own designs she says, “We want to remain in the front of your closet. Mix and match it with what you already love to wear. Let it be the standout piece in your daily wardrobe. I like to think of it as trans-seasonal apparel that you can indulge in for years to come. This is not fast fashion. Crowned Bird has longevity and is made for stylish gals that live for eclecticism in everything they do.” 

We can’t wait to hear from Priscilla about her successful experience in the field of fashion!

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