Our next guest speaker is Joanna Wilkinson, the founder of the blog Keep Austin Stylish and also a freelancer in the wardrobe styling, writing, photography and social media.  

When Joanna got Swine Flu, was very bored and stuck in her room with no TV, she came up with the idea of creating a blog. What was started as a hobby has grown into a lifestyle. Today, Joanna is a part of Austin’s growing fashion scene by capturing and documenting the style of this city.

Her great mission is the same as the name of the blog – to keep Austin stylish and that’s what she has been doing.

“This blog brings you the fashion news and trends of our special city, with a focus on local independent boutiques, designers, and everyone who is keeping Austin stylish. While some outsiders may think of Austin as being a casual city with a lack of fashion, I think our city is casually chic with an emphasis on individuality and a lack of pressure to conform,” Joanna says.

Come to the Fashion PR Confidential in Austin to meet Joanna Wilkinson and learn more about her blogging experience in Fashion!