Fashion PR Confidential started in 2013 upon the realization that fashion and beauty PR is its own very special niche that isn’t taught anywhere. Aspiring publicists didn’t know how to get their foot in the door, and without any experience, it is very hard to do so. Fashion PR Con has gotten many a stiletto and oxford in the door (more than 200 to be a little more exact) since it’s inception, and has given our attendees the experience necessary for their dream internship and even entry-level positions. In addition, we’ve taught brand owners and employees how to do their own PR, and they’ve landed press for themselves in the likes of Vogue, Glamour, InStyle and more.

Past speakers include Breanna Warner of Lovers + Friends LA, Alle Fister of Bollare, Ruthie Friedlander of Elle.com, Julia Rubin of Racked (formerly Teen Vogue), Natalie Alcala of Racked LA and more. We’ve hosted workshops in New York and Los Angeles, and due to high demand are now bringing Fashion PR Con to you at home – so you can access our course from anywhere! More on that here. 

What to Expect

Expect a hands-on learning experience in a small group of 25 students. You will learn how to critically and creatively think through any Fashion PR campaign, from start to finish. You will also receive one-on-one pitch guidance and the unique opportunity to learn from a bevy of industry experts in a casual (yet fashionable!) setting.

We cover everything from strategic planning to pitching the media and working with fashion bloggers, as well as building relationships through social media, career networking, client management and event planning. No question or conversation about the realities of the job is off the books!

Who Should Register?

  • Anyone with an interest in learning more about how fashion PR actually works.

  • Entry-level professionals and PR majors will leave the workshop with a much better understanding of the field and the ability to move more quickly up the ranks of an internship or assistant position.

  • More experienced practitioners will appreciate the opportunity to brainstorm and learn from some of the industry’s best, as well as be introduced to new techniques and tools to unleash creativity and make work easier and more fun.

  • Entrepreneurs have gotten a lot out of our course too, whether it's a fashion brand, startup, tech, etc.